East Bohemia

East Bohemia is a land of horses. Many towns have horses in their coat of arms, representing courage and power.
Our region of East Bohemia boasts many unique establishments such as the oldest stud in the Czech Republic - the National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem famous for their Kladruby white horses - then the most challenging continental horse racing course - Velka Pardubicka Steeple Chase and the Horse Museum and stud at Slatinany where Kladruby black horses are bred. The popularity of horse riding is increasing, the network of riding tracks is growing and the number of equestrian centres and stopovers is increasing. Many of them not only offer accommodation for riders and their horses, but it is also possible to rent a horse there. A wide range of equestrian centres can satisfy all types of visitors - there are centres that offer a full range of services to satisfy even the most demanding customers and there are very simple farms where one can spend a night in a sleeping bag on a heap of hay next to one's horse.
Are you tempted to come and try? Do not hesitate and come to visit. There are about 600 km of marked riding tracks in the region that connect the most attractive places. They also connect East Bohemia with other regions - Central Bohemia, the Krkonose Mountains and the Region of Vysocina. The network of equestrian centres offers accommodation for riders and their horses. They also cater for beginners to whom they offer short cross-country rides, tuition and equestrian summer camps.

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